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Russian ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova is going to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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Ballerina, showed one of the most important rooms in her house - room for training. - This is the place I call the "Bolshoi Theatre of Anastasia Volochkova", - says the star. - Here I am rehearsing. Each rehearsal lasts about three hours. You know, I'm so in love with their home and the atmosphere that reigns here, that I do not even want to go anywhere.

If I haven’t go to Moscow, gladly stay here: work out in the hall, and then go to the spa for a massage. While the dancer worked at the barre, she said she is going to participate in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

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- Do you think Europe will be able to say no to my splits, which are on everyone's lips? - Anastasia laughs. - Never! My splits - my pride. No member of the jury will be able to say me “no”. I'm so worried about Sergei Lazarev this year, and decided to go to the competition next year. Of course, not as a singer but as a support member. As Evgeni Plushenko was part of the Dima Bilan’s song performance "Believe" at Eurovision Song Contest 2008. I support the idea that each business in which I was engaged, turned into an event".


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