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Zemfira and Renata Litvinova unfollowed each other after the scandal: what has happened?

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The relationship between Zemfira and Renata Litvinova was considered the strongest friendship in show business for many decades. The women supported each other in their creativity, traveled together, and after the political situation worsened, they changed countries together and continued to communicate outside of Russia. No one could even imagine that a black cat would run between them.

The details of what happened were told by the Telegram channel “Secular Chronicle”, which reported that Renata did not congratulate her friend one on his birthday for the first time. I just missed this date after unsubscribing . “

They say that foreign agent Zemfira and Renata are no longer together. They unfollowed each other on social networks, and in general, both reset their subscriptions. So, why did Zemfira stage a mess in Kazakhstan? “says the insider.

Alas, the reason for the scandal of the actress and singer remains unknown. Let’s add some information about Zemfira’s last concert in Kazakhstan, after which the audience was dissatisfied with the event. The performer complained about the poor organization of the concert in Astana , and then offended the audience by writing the word “Kazakhstan” in small letters. I wonder if there is a chance for women to restore friendship?

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