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Yusif Eyvazov told why he and Anna Netrebko don't have common children: "We are incompatible"


Opera diva Anna Netrebko and opera singer Yusif Eyvazov have been married for five years. The couple are raising the singer's 12-year-old son from a previous relationship, Thiago, together, but the couple have no common children. In Valeria's YouTube show "Between Us", 44-year-old Eyvazov told why their family has not yet been replenished.

As the singer admitted, the reason is that they were incompatible with 49-year-old Netrebko:

We are absolutely incompatible at the genetic level. That is, we can have children separately, but not together. We tried absolutely everything, but it didn't work, - he said. 


Anna Netrebko with her son Thiago and Yusif Eyvazov

The couple abandoned the idea of ​​resorting to surrogacy, which is now popular.

I do not want a child from another woman, because it will not be her child anyway. I believe that knocking on the door that is closed to me means that it is not worth going there. I can, according to the old habit, scratch at fate, gnaw off, maybe ... But what will it bring me? Will it take away something in return, without which I cannot live, or will it destroy my life? So we decided to leave it as it is, - said Yusif.


Esif Eyvazov and Anna Netrebko

The singer gets along well with the son of Netrebko from the opera singer Erwin Schrott. He loves Thiago and considers him his child, although he admits that the boy did not accept him right away.

It took a while. I started to educate him, there were a couple of moments when there was a confrontation, but I took him by the gills, and everything is fine since then.

Never in our life have we had such a thing that I shouted, or, God forbid, slapped him. I believe that you cannot beat children - neither yours nor strangers.

After a while, he called me dad. He is kind, sympathetic, affectionate, beautiful. This is not just my stepson and the son of the woman I love, this is my child. I do not have a single thought that this is not my own child by blood. He is my own by blood, because he became one. We got used to each other, he is my best friend, this is my outlet, - he said.

The artist has no biological children.



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