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You'll never guess what Russian dish Vodianova's husband called "cat food"


This was told by the mother of the model, who could not impress her son-in-law.

Natalia Vodianova showed how to prepare for Christmas In the program “Secret for a Million”, the mother of Natalia Vodianova, Larisa Kusakina, admitted that she could not impress the new husband of her daughter Antoine Arnault, heir to the French billionaire Bernard Arnault, with the delights of Russian cuisine.

Many dishes of the traditional Russian holiday table seemed to him not tasty. For example, Arnault called the well-known jelly to all of us “cat food”.

“Antoine is a real aristocrat, and not all the delights of Russian cuisine are to his liking. Jelly, he said, looks like cat food, ”she said.

Larisa explained that she does not communicate much with her son-in-law, because she lives far away and does not know a foreign language. But Antoine impressed her as a strict and businesslike person, while Natalya's ex-husband, aristocrat Justin Portman, was remembered by her as a more open person. 


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