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"Yes, I'm as lean as a lath, and I really like it." Polina Gagarina responded to the haters who criticize her weight


Polina Gagarina responded to the haters who again criticized her figure: this is not the first time the singer has been pointed out that she is too thin. According to netizens, the singer's "bones stick out" and at the same time "there is no chest and priests."

"Forgive everyone who has lush and big breasts ... I will answer everyone, because it excites my subscribers. I love small breasts! And I am very pleased that I have it just like that," the singer said in the show "Nothing Sacred" Hi- Fi-streaming "Sound".

According to the singer, she does not want to have big breasts. “I know what big breasts are, because I was pregnant twice. And then she grew to unrealistic sizes: it’s uncomfortable for me, it’s hard. And it doesn’t suit me. I’m a as lean as a lath, and I really like it!”. Previously,


Polina Gagarina was suspected of using Ozempic, a drug for diabetics, which has recently become a fashionable way to lose weight among stars, in order to maintain such a figure. This method is criticized a lot for various reasons: some believe that it is dangerous to use the drug for other purposes and the health consequences can be serious. Others are concerned with ethical issues: many people find it inappropriate to lose weight quickly and easily, while others spend a lot of time and effort for a slim figure.

Gagarina herself said that in order to stay thin, she does a lot of sports, and also adheres to a healthy diet. She denied the use of "Ozempic", saying that "a shy person", and "these drugs can backfire." At the beginning of her career, Gagarina was not so thin, and after her first pregnancy she gained a lot of weight. Subsequently, the singer lost 40 kg.


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