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World famous model Alina Baikova spoke about her difficult childhood and friendship with DiCaprio


World famous model Alina Baikova spoke about her difficult childhood and friendship with DiCaprio [video] Photo:

According to the girl, she is ready for family life. As a child, Ukrainian supermodel Alina Baikova lived very poorly and experienced a bad attitude from her father and ridicule from classmates. The girl told about this to the journalists.

- You do not understand where we came from. We had an apartment, but we were homeless ... We took bottles ... We had a toilet on the street. There was no water in the house - my mother carried it from a well that stood nearby, - the famous model recalls her childhood.

She added that mom and dad constantly lived in fights and showdowns. Because of this, the woman even started drinking.

- It used to be that mom comes, knocks on the door, and he (dad) slept here with the other girls, - remembered the now famous model, adding that she had not seen her father for 17 years and that she still cannot forgive him for such an attitude to to myself, mom and sister.

Baikova had a hard time at school - she was called a mop, long and other offensive words.

“Once when I was going down the stairs, someone threw a firecracker into my hood, and it exploded right there,” the girl recalls.

Since the family did not have money, immediately after school Baikova got a job as a waitress in a cafe. And then she met the owner of the modeling agency Tatyana Zhizha, who offered the girl free training.

Today Baikova is a well-known model. She has been the face of many famous magazines, has her own housing in New York, and also provides for her mother and sister. The model is friends with many famous people, including Leonardo DiCaprio.

- I and DiCaprio are friends, this is 100%. My best friend is Toni Garrn, and I would never allow myself to meet with my girlfriend's man, even with my ex, "Alina Baikova admitted earlier.

Moreover, the supermodel admitted that she is ready to get married and have a child, but she does not want to think ahead yet.

- I live as I live. I know for sure that up there, everything is already planned for me. Fate has not let me down yet, - Baikova is sure.


Alina Baikova is 31 years old. Before modeling, she worked as a waitress. Since 2011, Alina has participated in fashion weeks around the world: New York, London, Milan, Paris, and a year later she moved to New York. The girl has her own business - the Alina’s Flowers application for buying flowers. In 2018, Baikova became a guest model at the show of the Ukrainian brand "Gasanova".

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