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Wife of Grigory Leps left him for to a young fashion model


Before the fans had time to move away from the news of Leps's divorce from his wife, who had given birth to three children for 20 years of marriage, new data appeared in the case. It turned out that Anna had an affair with a hot model.

After the news about the divorce of the Leps couple, events began to develop rapidly. According to the media, the new love of the 49-year-old dancer Anna Shaplykova was Dmitry Savchuk, who is more than ten years younger than the woman. When the information first appeared on the Web, Shaplykova made it clear that she was not ready to share personal information and deleted her Instagram. The fashion model is also tired of the attention and closed his profile from prying eyes. Nevertheless, in a conversation with , he nevertheless commented on the situation.


Photo © Instagram / gvleps, Twitter / dmitrysavchuk Photo © Instagram / gvleps , Twitter / dmitrysavchuk

According to Dmitry, when the story became public, many began to write that he supposedly did something wrong. With this point of view, the man does not agree. He believes that all his actions had reasons and they definitely cannot be called stupid. “I don’t answer anything to anyone, I have my own head on my shoulders, but I definitely don’t do anything bad, ” he said.


Photo © Twitter / dmitrysavchuk Photo © Twitter / dmitrysavchuk

Dmitry admitted that such close attention to his person - often negative - is very exhausting. However, the model himself did not refute or confirm the relationship with Anna, which only provoked the fans: “Unfortunately, I don’t want to comment on this story with the affair yet. I have nothing to say yet . ” It would seem that you can not command the heart. There is nothing to condemn the couple, if there is a question about it at all. There are just a few really ugly moments in this story.


Photo © Twitter / dmitrysavchuk Photo © Twitter / dmitrysavchuk

In Dmitry's social networks, you can find a common photo with Grigory Leps. The photo is fresh, taken in early January 2021. It turned out that the singer and the model met at the celebration of Christmas. The second point - the "friends" of the fashion model also speak very unflattering about him. According to showman Rustam Solntsev, Savchuk is a natural gigolo, therefore, most likely, he entered into this relationship solely because of the financial issue.


In addition, Internet detectives found out that when the divorce proceedings were not yet over, Anna and her friend were vacationing in the Maldives. At the same time, Dmitry and his twin brother Vitaly were also there. Photos taken in the same places at the same time passed all four with giblets. True, there is information (it has yet to be confirmed) that Anna allegedly tried to hide her lover from the eyes of strangers. So much so that she brought him to rest on a private plane.

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