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Wife of Grigory Leps filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage: new details of a high-profile breakup



Wife of Grigory Leps filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage: new details of a high-profile breakup

On December 10, it became known about the separation of 59-year-old singer Grigory Leps and 49-year-old Anna Shaplykova after 20 years of marriage. The initiator of the divorce was Shaplykova, and the reason, according to her lawyer, was a "crisis in relations":

For some reason, everyone is given tests, the main thing is to pass them with dignity. They are doing just that right now. Both adults and smart people, maybe this step is necessary to understand how much Anna and Gregory, on the contrary, are dear to each other. Who knows, maybe they will be together someday. But at this stage, the step has been taken mutually and firmly, - quotes the words of Shaplykova's lawyer, Oksana Akimova, StarHit .


Grigory Leps and Anna Shaplykova Shaplykova filed for divorce on November 16.

The next hearing will take place on December 20. According to lawyers and insiders, the divorce will be peaceful: Leps and Shaplykova remain friends and are not going to share property, publicly sort things out and conflict over issues related to children.

Grigory Leps has already appeared in public after the news of the divorce: he visited the Golden Gramophone award, where, answering journalists' questions about his condition, he said that he "feels great." The wedding ring was no longer on him. Anna Shaplykova did not make public statements, now she, judging by her instagram, is resting in the Maldives.


Anna Shaplykova with children

Marriage with Anna Shaplykova was the second for Grigory Leps. They met at the birthday of Laima Vaikule in 2000 - at that time Anna was a dancer in the Vaikule show ballet. At the time of their acquaintance, Shaplykova was 29 years old, the singer was 39. Three children were born in the marriage: daughters Eva and Nicole and son Ivan. Grigory Leps also has an older daughter, 36-year-old Inga, from her first marriage to Svetlana Dubinskaya. 


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