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Why Yulia Vysotskaya"s recipes are now laughed at


The actress launched the cooking show back in 2003. Recently, early episodes attracted the attention of netizens - the prepared food there looks completely imperfect, although Vysotskaya does not give the impression that anything went wrong. How did she even start cooking? We study Vysotskaya’s early quotes from interviews.

You might think that cooking is an old hobby of the actress, which she decided to take to a professional level. But in fact, Vysotskaya only got up to the stove during her relationship with Andrei Konchalovsky, who became her husband in 1998.

During the candy-bouquet period, they constantly went to restaurants. But later, when friends gathered at the couple’s house, Vysotskaya was already in charge of the table.

“I remember Bertolucci was visiting us, and I baked potatoes, marinated raw salmon, did something else, some kind of salad with crab, and it all went so well that my husband said: “Why?” go to restaurants? You cook so well!”, Yulia recalled in an interview.

When family life began, the actress immersed herself even more in everyday life, but it was not a burden to her. The actress recalled that she enjoyed choosing products and coming up with recipes for dishes.


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Later, her husband suggested that Julia make her own cooking program in the format of the Jamie Oliver show. “Let's make a pilot about how you talk to your ducks, which you put in the oven, swear at the oven, or, on the contrary, whisper, “Oh, my good girl.” Oh, yes my dear!” And so we decided to do it,” Vysotskaya recalled.

It is curious that now many criticized Vysotskaya for the unpresentable appearance of the dishes, and for the actress this was probably the most offensive moment. After all, she herself once said:

“Food should be sexy. Although in Russian it sounds vulgar. Well, that is, attractive.”

One good thing is that Vysotskaya certainly didn’t feel overwhelmed by the stress of sudden attacks from the public.

“When I’m sad, food doesn’t save me, I’m lucky - I’m built differently. All people are divided into those who eat their sorrows, and those who associate food with the joy of life. I eat when I feel good,” the actress admitted.

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