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Why Taylor Swift broke up with Joe Alwyn - insider information


The breakup between the singer and the British actor became known last weekend.

Over the weekend, the press began talking about the breakup of pop diva Taylor Swift and her actor lover Joe Alwyn, just 10 months after news of the stars' secret engagement . Taylor and Joe were together for 6 years and almost did not advertise their relationship all this time, but their breakup was a complete surprise for the fans. Now, an insider from the close circle of the couple has contacted the journalists of the People edition, who told the details and revealed the reasons for what happened. According to an informed source, the lovers realized that they were “not suitable for each other.” Problems in their relationship began during the COVID-19 pandemic, when they were together in a confined space during the lockdown period.

It all came down to the differences in their personalities… They had had troubles before, but they always sorted things out, so this time too, their friends thought that they would spend some time apart, but eventually get back together. They had a lot in common and fell in love with each other while in their own safe bubble. Then the pandemic hit and they ended up locked up together and continued to develop their relationship in such an isolated way. The thing is, Joe didn't get to really get to know her outside of that bubble.


Taylor Swift

The insider also said that Joe was not easy to get along with Taylor's global fame and constant attention from the press and fans.

Joe struggled with Taylor's level of fame and public attention. The differences in their personalities also became harder to ignore after several years of living together. They drifted away from each other,” he added.

However, the source ignored the question of whether the couple really planned the wedding.

Taylor didn't see them succeed in the long run," he said, emphasizing that there was no drama in their breakup. - They remained friends. She has nothing bad to say about Joe. They still respect each other. They just moved away. Taylor is extremely focused on her tour right now.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn met at the Met Gala in 2016 and started dating almost immediately. The singer has repeatedly hinted at an affair with Joe in her work. First, on the 2017 album “Reputation” in the song “Gorgeous”, then on the 2019 album “Lover” in the composition “London Boy”, and later, in 2020, Joe, in collaboration with his beloved, wrote several songs for her albums “Folklore ” and “Evermore” under the pseudonym William Bowery. Throughout her life, Taylor had many high-profile novels with famous handsome men. At various times, she dated Loki star Tom Hiddleston, pop rocker Harry Styles, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, DJ Calvin Harris, Jonas Brothers band member Joe Jonas, and rock heartthrob John Mayer.


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