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Why Natalia Vodianova and Justin Portman broke up: revelations and new details


All last day, the public discussed the unexpected revelation of Natalia Vodianova's ex-husband, Justin Portman: without any special reason, the British aristocrat posted a frank letter on his page on the social network, in which he spoke about what caused his divorce from the model.

It turned out that the perfect celebrity marriage just seemed perfect from the outside. According to Justin Portman, Natalia tried to leave him long before their divorce: “It's been 6 years since we don't live together and 9 years since she first asked me for a divorce. Life was so happy that it’s hard to even imagine.”

The reason for the separation of Vodianova and Portman was the latter's excessive craving for alcoholic beverages and the constant feeling that he was unworthy of his beloved: “I knew that my life did not correspond to her fashionable life. I thought she was shy of me. I was like an old Louis Vuitton bag. I voluntarily went to rehab for 28 days. I quickly realized that this was not the place for me, but I had to hold on for the sake of my family. On the 27th day, relatives of patients traditionally come to the center. And for me it was a shock and pain to learn from Natalia that she does not miss me at all and does not want my return to the family. 


In his letter, Justin also noted that, despite the current situation, he and Natalia still tried to improve their relationship for the sake of the family and children, although he suspected Vodianova of infidelity, believing that she was cheating on him with the director, whose name he did not want to name.

At the end of his message, the aristocrat wrote that he had been betrayed again. And after a while, the letter completely disappeared from the social network. True, before it managed to spread throughout the Internet.

However, the relationship between the model and the British aristocrat began much more rosy: they met at a private party of Fashion Week in Paris. The young lord flirted recklessly and at the end of the evening decided to get acquainted with a pretty Russian model.

The romance of Natalia and Justin developed so rapidly that soon all the world's media reported on Vodianova's pregnancy.


Justin Portman and Natalia Vodianova 

The couple's firstborn, Lucas Portman, was born in December 2001 in one of the best clinics in London. It is noteworthy that Natalia continued to work to the last - the model stopped participating in fashion shows and photo shoots only a month before the childbirth. And six weeks later, she returned to her duties.


It is worth noting that at that time Natalia and Justin had not yet managed to officially register their relationship. But this happened nine months after: on September 1, 2002, they received a marriage certificate from the registry office of St. Petersburg.

Five years later, the star family expanded: the couple had a daughter, whom they named after the Neva River, but with an emphasis on the first syllable. And a year later, Natalia gave birth to Justin's third child - the son Victor.


Victor, Justin Portman, Lucas, Neva and Natalia Vodianova

But even the children did not help Vodianova and Portman to keep the marriage intact. In 2010, there were reports in the press about the impending divorce of celebrities, and in June 2011, Natalia announced that the couple no longer lived together.

And if for the model this period of life passed quite easily, if, of course, this can be said at all about what happened, then for the lord not. “It was not easy, because the husband was not ready for a long time even to discuss this topic with lawyers, but now everything is in the past. We have joint custody of the children. Fifty fifty. If it were my will, I would have kept friendly relations with Justin, but, alas, this is impossible. Of course, there is no friendship between us, but all the same, my ex-husband will always remain a member of my family. After all, relatives are different, you can’t refuse them, ”Natalia shared in one of her interviews.


As a result, Portman survived the divorce with dignity, after which he settled in Uruguay. Children come to him every vacation, where, according to the fashion model, they have a great time: “They have a very good time with Justin, they come happy, satisfied, rested. It's great that he lives in such a beautiful place, in Uruguay, in a resort town. Everything is beautiful there - both the ocean and nature.

Currently, Vodianova lives in a civil marriage with Antoine Arnault, the son of the richest man in France and one of the wealthiest people on the planet, the head of the LVMH fashion empire, Bernard Arnault. Last year, Natalia gave birth to a billionaire's son, whom they named Maxim.

As for Portman, then, as you might guess, not everything is so smooth in his personal life. Moreover, many Internet users have already suggested that the aristocrat has again succumbed to addiction. And it was under the influence of alcohol that he wrote his frank letter.

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