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Why does Batman need eyeliner? Confessions of Matt Reeves and a new poster


In March, Matt Reeves' long-awaited film Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, will hit the big screens. Remembering the Hollywood handsome from the movie "Twilight", many fans of the superhero doubted that Rob would cope with the task. The director of the film has repeatedly explained why he chose Pattinson for the lead role. However, in a recent interview, an unexpected question flew in to Matt. As you remember, in one of the episodes of the trailer, Batman has smudged eyeliner on his face. Many did not understand what kind of war paint it was. “I just loved the idea of ​​taking off (the mask) and the sweat dripping underneath and the theatrics of becoming this character ,” Reeves shared. It looks like it's not makeup, not eyeliner, but just traces of the mask smeared across the face.


Robert Pattison 

The director also spoke about the new Batmobile. Since Reeves' Batman is a lonely, withdrawn hermit, he works on his "toys" himself. "I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cool if this guy was a loner and made these things himself, taking parts from other cars?' Matt argues.


However, talks about the film alone did not end the matter. The creators of the picture stir up interest in the release by publishing new images of the characters. For example, Warner Bros. India has unveiled a poster featuring the Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Batman and, of course, Bruce Wayne. Fans of comics noted the new image of the Riddler, inspired by a real-life criminal, whom the journalists nicknamed the Zodiac. In general, we are already looking forward to it! In anticipation of new items, we invite you to watch the trailer!

Photo: Instagram movie Batman Twitter Warner Bros. India

Video: YouTube, WBRussia channel

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