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Why are boys dressed like girls? Celebrities and their children

It is not the first year that strange pictures of children of celebrities have appeared on the network: boys are dressed like girls, in dresses of princesses from cartoons with painted nails. And girls prefer men's suits to skirts. Why is this needed? Freedom of Choice or Unhealthy Parents' Attitude? Why do famous parents dress boys like girls?


Pink uggs, a shiny sweatshirt and pigtails - behind these things it is difficult to recognize the boy, son of actress Charlize Theron - Jackson. A child often goes for a walk in outfits that are more suitable for his peers. The actress does not listen to judgments from the outside and believes that it is necessary to give freedom of expression.


Megan Fox's son decided to dress up for a walk with his mother in the dress of a Disney princess - Elsa. As we can see, this does not in any way bother the famous mother.


Gwen Stefani believes that son-gay - is a blessing. She very often communicates with gay friends and asks them about what hurt them in childhood, so as not to make mistakes in upbringing. Hence the unlimited freedom in the choice of outfits and manicure.


Jaden Smith is already an adult and his parents can hardly tell him what to wear. Therefore, the choice of women's clothing is a fairly deliberate choice. According to the guy, gender should not indicate what a person should wear. Some people are too scared to wear what they want, while others live comfortably. Jaden even became the face of Louis Vuitton's women's clothing line. But, in ordinary life, he also wears men's things.


British singer Adele also gives her son freedom of choice. In the photo, the baby appeared in Anna's outfit from the cartoon "Frozen". According to the singer, she can't wait for her son to grow up to learn from him that he is interested in, who he is friends with, who is his girlfriend and what kind of movie she would like to watch. Adele wants to support him in everything.


It's not just the stellar sons that have a tendency to wear clothes that are meant for the opposite sex. Shiloh, the daughter of Jolie and Pete, prefers boyish trousers and boots to dresses and shiny tops. At first, the famous parents were in no hurry to sound the alarm and gave their daughter freedom. However, the latest news suggests that the girl is visiting a psychologist. The reason was the child's request to call her John.


Russian celebrities have also intercepted the trend of freedom of choice. Timati's Mom flatly refuses to dress her granddaughter in pink clothes. According to the woman, pink interferes with concentration of children. Most of the little fashionista's wardrobe is filled with black things, like dad's.


Irena Ponaroshku brings up her son Seraphim according to her own method. The child is prohibited from gadgets, meat is excluded from his diet, but he is allowed long hair. It’s hard to tell if it’s a girl or a boy.


Do you think this is Stas Piekha's son or daughter? So we did not figure it out right away. But in the photo is the singer's wife Natalia and son Petya.

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