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Why a married dancer left his family for Polina Gagarina: “It was easier for him to agree than to refuse!”


 Stas Mikov's wife, Oksana Stratulat, a dancer from the Hands Up group, used to work in Gagarina's team and was close friends with the singer.

Polina Gagarina , like all her colleagues, an amateur will share beach photos with her followers. Fortunately, the figure of the singer is luxurious, the forms allow. This time, the artist, according to haters, enjoyed her vacation in the company of her new boyfriend, 35-year-old dancer of her team Stas Mikov .

Fans of Gagarina not so long ago learned about the singer's new affair. The most interesting thing is that Mikov has been working in Polina's team for more than five years. 

The dancer, with whom the actress was photographed by the paparazzi, was not free. His wife is a dancer from the group "Hands Up" Oksana Stratulat , also used to work in a team with Gagarina and was close friends with the singer. Back in February, Mikov and Stratulat were together: Oksana photographed her husband in Gagarina's merchandise and humored that the artist was her rival. It just wasn't a joke... So far, Stratulat refuses to comment on the breakup with Mikov: “This is personal.”

However, those who sympathize with the abandoned lady convince her to tell the whole truth about her husband's infidelity. - Maybe stop being silent, protecting the traitor! - Commentators are now writing to Oksana in social networks.

PSYCHOLOGIST'S OPINION "He left one family for another" - "Office Romance" - we all love this film and a similar story is now happening in the life of Polina Gagarina only in a modern way, - says star psychologist Sergei Seleznev. - When people work together for a long time, they have the same energy. It's not just a job, it's a family. And in this family their own communicative components are already being built, sometimes including those of a sexual nature. The dancer from his family went to his working family. It is very difficult to refuse an office romance. Sometimes it is even painful to disagree...

Apparently, there was a case when it was easier to agree than to refuse... Do we condemn this? Well, how do you judge it? Lawless Heart. Understand it? If you haven't been in that situation, you won't understand. And if there was, then you say, they say, yes, I also faced such a difficult choice, - sums up the psychologist Seleznev. 

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