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Who was Leonardo DiCaprio's first girlfriend and what's wrong with her now?


Leonardo DiCaprio is known for only dating models. The actor had so many lovers that it is easy to forget who was his first official girlfriend. We suggest you refresh this information in your memory. 

In 1994, when Leo was 20 years old, he began to be noticed in New York in the company of model Bridget Hall. She was then only 17 years old, but she was already included in the lists of the best models along with Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. The press immediately started talking about the romance between Leo and Bridget, as the actor and model hugged in public and hinted at a romantic relationship with their behavior. The model's agent, however, denied the rumors and said that Leo and Bridget are connected only by friendship. This, however, did not stop the journalists, and the Globe even wrote that Leo deprived Hall of her virginity. Allegedly, the model called the night with Leo "disappointing".

Whatever it was, but since then they were not seen together.


Hall posed for Victoria's Secret and for Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE and Allure.

Today, 45-year-old Bridget does not appear so often in gloss and on the catwalk. In social networks, she often posts archival photographs and shares shots from her daily life, showing walks with the dog, meetings with friends and selfies.


After Leo Hall had an affair with musician Hugh Morgan, actor Stephen Dorff, fashion model Tyson Beckford, but she did not have a long-term and serious relationship with any of them. Currently, the model is not married, she has no children.

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