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Who is the new Pavel Priluchnyy's wife Zepyur Brutyan: photos, age, best roles and biography


Photo Who is Zepyur Brutyan: six hot photos, best roles and biography 

Brutyan is a young charismatic actress with Armenian roots, who was especially remembered by the audience for her role as the gypsy Juna in the historical drama "Battalion" and a number of other popular TV series: "BEHAPPY", "Cage-2" and "The Last Axel". In May 2022, it became known about the secret wedding of Zepyur and the star of the series "Major" Pavel Priluchnyy.



Zepyur Brutyan was born on February 18, 1996 in the small town of Etchmiadzin, which is located in Armenia. Soon after her birth, the whole family moved to Moscow.

The girl from childhood was a creative person: she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, and later went into modern jazz and Latin American dances. Also, the actress was fond of mixed martial arts and attended a music school.

Having received a certificate of secondary education, Brutyan easily entered the Konstantin Raikin Higher School of Performing Arts in 2013. She stubbornly studied the disciplines and plunged into the world of creativity. In 2017, she successfully graduated from an educational institution.

She made her film debut in 2018, appearing in the military action movie Battalion by Alexei Bystritsky. In this project, Zepyur played a gypsy named Juna. Later, in 2021, the actress played in the series "In a Cage", where Pavel Priluchny also got the main role. In this crime drama, she reincarnated as the beautiful Isabelle.

Zepyur Brutyan appeared in such films as "Behappy", "Three Captains", "Article 105", "The Last Axel" and others.

Leading film roles


Photo Who is Zepyur Brutyan: six fiery photos, best roles and biography 3 Zepyur Brutyan took part in nine popular film projects. These are the following films:

  • "Last Axel" - 2021;
  • "Knee-deep" - 2021;
  • "In a cage-2" - 2021;
  • "Article 105" - 2020;
  • "Three Captains" - 2019;
  • "In a cage" - 2019;
  • Behappy - 2019;
  • "#Fake_News" - 2019;
  • "Battalion" - 2018.

A selection of hot photos of the Armenian beauty







Earlier, wrote that Agatha Muceniece spoke about the dark sides of marriage with Pavel Priluchnyy.

Recall that actor Pavel Priluchnyy showed a photo with a wedding ring , after which it became known that he played a secret wedding in a villa in the suburbs.


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