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Who is Eva Yakubovskaya and why she is considered the illegitimate daughter of Marat Safin?


Marat Safin and Eva Yakubovskaya.

Eva Yakubovskaya has been associated with the famous tennis player for many years. But is there any basis for this? The former first racket of the world, Marat Safin, even at the age of 42 has the status of an enviable groom. On his account in the past a large number of novels with the most beautiful girls in the world. Mostly with top models, among which the media named such beauties as Silvia Torrens-Valero, Ekaterina Bestuzheva, Anna Druzyaka. He was also seen with the lead singer of the "Brilliant" Anastasia Osipova, businesswoman Daria Zhukova, actress Elena Korikova, radio host Alisa Selezneva and Hollywood actress Jessica Biel.

Mistress Valeria Yakubovskaya

Valeria Yakubovskaya is one of Safin's most famous passions. After all, they are connected by the presence of a common daughter, which the tennis player, however, does not recognize. The romance between young people was short, the couple broke up in 2005. After that, the model said that she was expecting a child from the tennis player. Safin still does not believe that the girl is from him. However, he financially helped his ex-lover until she got married.


A lawsuit against Serdar Azmun was filed by a girl from Kazan named Aliya. Presumably, the couple met in 2018, and daughter Azmoun was born in May 2021. After that, the footballer allegedly refused to voluntarily acknowledge paternity and pay child support in full. Cuckoo fathers: illegitimate children of football players And she did it very well. Valeria is the 13th wife of millionaire Dmitry Yakubovsky. The relationship of the couple can not be called stable. They divorced, Dmitry even managed to marry another, but a few years later he resumed relations with his ex-wife. As a result, the couple again went to the registry office. Dmitry is a lawyer, he is also the owner of the Engelberg Industrial Group AG holding. According to Bilanz, the businessman is among the richest people in Switzerland. His personal fortune is estimated at 800 million Swiss francs. The income of the current husband of a socialite allows her daughter to provide a luxurious life and not sue Safin because of alimony. Marat Safin. Photo by Alexey Ivanov, SE archive Marat Safin. Alexey Ivanov, Photo archive "SE"

Illegitimate daughter Eva

Yakubovsky gave Valeria's child his last name. It also fully covers all financial expenses of the girl. Eva flies in a private jet, goes to an elite school, travels a lot, has her own driver in a Rolls-Royce, and wears luxury brand clothes.

The 17-year-old bright blonde is not shy about showing her figure to subscribers on social networks, of which, by the way, there are 10 thousand. It is known that Eva followed in the footsteps of her star father (or the one who is considered her father), in her free time from school she plays tennis. Journalists often ask Marat about his daughter. The answer is always the same. “I don't have daughters. Little do they write. But I take it easy. If I pay attention to every thing, I will waste time. Let them write if they like. What should I forbid, or what? Even now I answered, but they will continue to write anyway. They will write, you understand. How many people, so many opinions. To go down to these people, to prove something to someone - why? If it’s so interesting, ask her mother where it all came from, ”Safin told Eva Yakubovskaya. Photo social networks Eva Yakubovskaya. Photo social networks

Marat Safin now

The tennis player, despite his advanced age, is still not married. He devotes all his free time to traveling to spiritual places and meditation. At the same time, Marat often appears in the company of beautiful girls, which gives rise to rumors about a new relationship. Recently he was seen with TV presenter Victoria Bonya. But he denies any information about the connection with her.



“I don’t have a girlfriend or a wife. A long time ago. It happened. And I do not want yet, there is no desire. I don't want to build relationships with anyone. I don't want to share my personal life. I don't want to share my things. I am not interested. Such a period. Not because something is broken. I just want to live for myself, travel, not be attached to anyone. So that no one asks me unnecessary questions. So that I don't ask. To have complete freedom. So that I can do what I want. I was not disappointed in anyone, it just happened that way, ”Safin told 

The winner of the Grand Slam tournaments never announced his desire to have children in the media. In addition to Eva Yakubovskaya, there is no information about Safin having other children. Although they wrote that the opera singer Aida Garifullina also has an illegitimate daughter from an athlete. But both "parents" deny it.


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