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Who is Alex Dimitrijevic, Charlize Theron's new boyfriend? 5 things you need to know about him




Charlize Theron sparked affair rumors with model Alex Dimitrijevic. Here are five key facts about him.

The news that Charlize Theron fell in love became a real sensation. Still, the last official relationship of the Hollywood actress was with Sean Penn, and the star broke up with him back in 2015 - since then there has been silence. And now Charlize was spotted on a romantic walk with a handsome handsome man. Everyone immediately wondered who he was. It is already known that we are talking about the fashion model Alex Dimitrijevic. Well, we have collected all the information available about him at the moment.

Your boyfriend

According to an insider, Dimitrijevic is described as "a very laid-back guy," which Theron definitely likes. Sources say their connection is based on their shared interests and views. 


first spark

Charlize and Alex have been dating for several months now. According to the source, their romance is still at an early stage, but it's safe to say that both are really very sympathetic to each other.

Modeling career

Dimitrievich collaborates with the Next modeling agency. Their website states that he has green eyes and is 182 centimeters tall. Such data allowed Alex to make a good career in modeling: he starred a lot for advertising various expensive brands. 


Date with Charlize

For the first time in public, the actress and fashion model appeared in May 2023. The paparazzi photographed them when the couple went to lunch in Los Angeles, where they both live. Both looked relaxed and comfortable in each other's company. Theron went on a date in a burgundy V-neck sweater, loose light trousers and birkenstocks. And Dimitrievich chose a yellow printed shirt, blue jeans and beige boots.

Solid resume

Dimitrievich's professional activity goes beyond the modeling business. He is the design director of Malbon Golf, co-founder of undrtone sport and design director of Short Par 4. He also studied sociology at UC Santa Barbara.

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