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What is Yulia Peresild’s daughter known for, who played in “The Boy’s Word”?



Series “The Boy’s Word. Blood on the asphalt” about youth groups in Kazan in the late 1980s has become the most high-profile project of 2023. And Anna Peresild, according to search engine queries, has already overtaken her mother Yulia, who was filming in space for the film “Challenge.”

In “The Boy’s Word,” Anna Peresild played the violinist Aigul, who is courted by one of the main characters. On the set, she had the first kiss in her life with a young man, 24-year-old actor Ruzil Minekaev. Anna Peresild as Aigul in the series Anna Peresild in the role of Aigul in the series “The Boy’s Word.”

The young actress had to persuade her parents for a long time to allow her to participate in this project. They agreed only after a letter from director Kryzhovnikov with guarantees that everything would be filmed as delicately as possible, without traumatizing the child’s psyche. And then they approved all the scenes with Anna’s participation in the script.


Anka (this is the pet nickname of Peresild Jr. and her nickname on the Internet) is 14 years old. Her father is director Alexey Uchitel. Yulia Peresild tried to hide her affair with him for a long time, but the relationship recently ended.

Anya has been in films since 2018, although her parents were against her acting career. The debut was “Draft” by Sergei Mokritsky (Yulia Peresild starred in the same film). Then “Tsoi”, “First Snow”, “Tibra” (the main role and the main female award at the SOL film festival in Torrevieja). The long history of gangs in Kazan began with the Tyap-Lyap organized crime group. Second from the left below is Sergei Antipov. In the beginning there was a word... boy. Who was the real prototype of the characters in the series? 

Anya practices vocals, ballroom dancing, and playing the ukulele. Two years ago, she recorded her own song “Challenge,” dedicating it to her mother’s flight into space.


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