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What is the real name of the youngest daughter of Svetlana Loboda?

 Svetlana Loboda with her daughter Eva

The second pregnancy of Svetlana Loboda was accompanied with rumours, because the artist kept (and still keeps) the name of the father of her youngest daughter in secret. But since the singer was seen more than once in the company of Rammstein soloist Till Lindemann, and she named her daughter Tilda, it was he who was recorded as the girl's father. Only recently it turned out that the name of the heiress Loboda is not Tilda at all. We tell the details.

The performer of the hit "Superstar" gave an interview to Georgian journalist Noe Sulaberidze , where she spoke about her life today and moving abroad. It turns out that the youngest heiress of the star is the most difficult to endure changes. “Matilda is small, she is four years old. She often asks me why we live in a different house, why we moved to another country. I tell her that we are traveling the world, ”the artist shared. It was after these words that journalists and fans of the singer learned that the second daughter of Loboda was not called Tilda at all. How did Loboda react to rumors about a paid affair with Lindemann?

Svetlana herself, after a series of publications on this topic, clarified in social networks. “For those who are haunted by the name of my daughter. My daughter: Tilda-Matilda. Tillechka is a diminutive,” wrote the performer.


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