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What are the Most Beautiful Scottish women (Top-15)



Now let's look at Scottish women. Scotland, now part of the UK, has a population of 5.3 million, of which 4.4 million are ethnic Scots. Also, over one and a half million Scots live in other parts of the UK (England and Northern Ireland). In a referendum on September 18, 2014, the Scottish people refused to regain the independence of Scotland, lost 300 years ago, and remained part of the UK.

This rating will feature the most beautiful, in our opinion, Scottish girls and women.

1. Rose Leslie (born February 9, 1987, Aberdeen, Scotland) is a Scottish actress. Comes from the ancient Scottish Leslie clan, which gave the world many military, political and state leaders. She grew up in the Licklehead family castle of the 15th century. She is best known for her role as the wild Ygritte in the American TV series Game of Thrones, and also for her role as Gwen Dawson in the British TV series Downton Abbey.


The most beautiful tartan women

2. Sheena Easton / Sheena Easton (born April 27, 1959, Bellshill, Scotland.) - Scottish singer, has achieved international fame in the 1980s. She sang the title song in the twelfth James Bond film For Your Eyes Only (1981). The official website of the singer - Most Beautiful Scottish Women: Sheena Easton


3. Kelly Macdonald (born February 23, 1976, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish actress, Emmy Award winner for her role as Gina Kelly in the BBC TV movie Cafe Girl (2005).


most beautiful Scottish women: Kelly Macdonald / Kelly Macdonald. a photo

4. Catherine Brown / Katharine Brown (born April 7, 1987.) - the winner of the beauty contest "Miss Scotland 2009" and "Miss Great Britain 2010". Shotlaniyu represented at Miss World 2009 and the UK in the Miss International 2010.


the most beautiful Scottish girls: Katharine Brown. a photo

5. Karen Gillan / Karen Gillan (born November 28, 1987, Inverness, Scotland.) - Scottish actress. Best known for her role as Amy Pond in the TV series Doctor Who (2010-2013).


the most beautiful Scottish girls: Karen Gillan / Karen Gillan. a photo

6. Moira Shearer/ Moira Shearer (January 17, 1926, Dunfermline, Scotland - January 31, 2006) - Scottish ballerina and actress. She became famous for her leading role in the film "Red Shoes" (1948).


Moira Shearer

7. Tiffany Mulheron (born December 18, 1984) is a Scottish actress and model.


Tiffany Mulheron

8. Maureen Swanson / Maureen Swanson (November 25, 1932, Glasgow - November 16, 2011) - Scottish actress. After she married Count William Ward was called Maureen Ward, Countess of Dudley / Maureen Ward, Countess of Dudley.


Maureen Swanson

9. Kirsty Hume/ Kirsty Hume (born September 4, 1976) - Scottish model who worked with brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferré, Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Calvin Klein , Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan. Height 180 cm, figure parameters: chest 81 cm, waist 59.5 cm, hips 87.5.


Chanel faces: model Kirsty Hume / Kirsty Hume photo

10. Amanda Hendrick (born February 10, 1990, Erdrie, Scotland) is a Scottish model. Height is 178 cm, the parameters of the figure 80-61-86.


Amanda Hendrick

11. Deborah Kerr / Deborah Kerr (September 30, 1921, Helensborough, Scotland - October 16, 2007) - Scottish actress, known for the films "Camo Hryadeshi" (1951), "Julius Caesar" (1953), "The King and I" (1956) and al.


12. Mary Ure (18 February 1933 – 3 April 1975) was a Scottish stage and film actress. 


13. Freya Mavor / Freya Mavor (genus August 13, 1993, Glasgow.) - Scottish actress. Notable roles: Mini McGuinness in the series Skins (2011-2012), Elizabeth of York in the historical series The White Queen (2013).


Freya Mavor is a beautiful tartan girl with freckles. a photo

14. Kirsty Gallacher / Kirsty Gallacher (born January 20, 1976, Edinburgh, Scotland.) - British TV presenter. The surname "Gallagher" refers to Kirsty's Irish roots, which she does not hide, describing herself as a Scotswoman with some Irish blood.


Kirsty Gallacher/

15. Jacqueline Bisset. Born September 13, 1944 in Weybridge (England).

Her father is Scottish, her mother has French and English roots. Jacqueline Bisset is best known for her roles in films from the 1960s and 1980s, including such notable roles as Truffaut's American Night (1973) and Yates's Abyss (1977). She gained popularity in Russia thanks to her roles in the films The Wild Orchid and Napoleon and Josephine (1987), in which she played Josephine Beauharnais.


The most beautiful Scottish actress Jacqueline Bisset / Jacqueline Bisset. a photo


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