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What actress Yana Koshkina looked like before plastic surgery and her photo without makeup



The most beautiful comedy actress of the show "Once Upon a Time in Russia" attracts men's eyes and amazes with her beauty. Yana assures that everything is natural, except for hair color. But fans of her work do not believe this and say that it is impossible to look so perfect. After looking at photographs from Yana's youth, you can immediately understand what has changed over time in her appearance.


Yana Koshkina was born on April 22, 1990 in St. Petersburg, her family was not rich. Mom was an athlete, but after the birth of the children, she left the sport and took up raising her daughters. Dad worked as a diver and supported his family. When Yana and her older sister Renata were little parents divorced, the girls stayed with their mother, but often communicated with their father.


Yana and her mother Yana achieved great success in rhythmic gymnastics, she received the title of Master of Sports. This sport helped her a lot in the future, now she has an ideal body, which she supports with daily training. After graduating from school, she entered the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts, in parallel with her studies, she starred in films and TV shows. After graduating from the academy, Yana moved to Moscow and achieved great success.

Yana in her youth Yana is an active user of the social network, she already has about a million subscribers. She is not afraid to expose a photo without makeup and appear in front of subscribers in a revealing outfit. Yana dreams of playing serious and wise roles in films, but because of her bright appearance, she gets the roles of secretaries, mistresses, and spectacular women.


Yana without makeup Yana's personal life is carefully hidden, it is not known whether she has a beloved man. She says that her bright appearance scares off good men, they are simply afraid to be like her. But she attracts dishonest men who do not take her seriously.


Yana in her youth without makeup and now

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