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Wedding of Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma: facts, photos, details

Janis Timma and Anna Sedokova

37-year-old Anna Sedokova married her 28-year-old lover, Latvian basketball player Janis Timma. The celebration itself took place in the Barvikha Luxury Village complex on September 6, but the singer decided to tell about it only now. Anna shared the good news with several telegram channels at once: "Antiglyants" and "Only to anyone" - she also provided them with the first weddng pictures.

Janis Timma and Anna Sedokova

Apparently, the star couple quietly got married in the presence of only the closest ones. At the same time, Anna Sedokova wore the white dress of the bride: she was wearing an outfit from Zuhair Murad and a floor-length veil trimmed with lace.

Recall that the affair of Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma became known in October last year - then the singer officially confirmed the relationship with the basketball player, rumors of which had appeared several months before. Anna and Janis's romance began when he was still officially married to a woman named Sana, with whom he is raising a two-year-old son, Christian. Moreover, Sana herself claims that it was Sedokova who destroyed their family, while the singer says that she has nothing to do with this.

He didn't do anything like that - he was just himself and that's it. And at first he did not have my phone number - I can’t give my phone to a stranger. And he invited me to the cinema. I said I would not go. Until the very last moment he did not know whether I would come or not. And I didn't know. But I came. After the first film, he offered to watch the movie again. We stayed for one more session and in the process became somehow closer. And after that day we never parted, - Sedokova told about her acquaintance with Janis on Svetlana Bondarchuk's YouTube show "The World Around the World".

In July this year, Janis Timma made a marriage proposal to Anna Sedokova. This happened when the couple was vacationing in America together - the basketball player presented the chosen one with an engagement ring and a large bouquet of roses during their walk on a snow-white yacht. The singer immediately told her Instagram followers about the joyful event. She published a post in which she admitted that only with Janis she understood what true love is, and called him "the best man in the Universe."

For Janis, this marriage was the second, and for Anna Sedokova - the third. She was previously married to the now deceased football player Valentin Belkevich, from whom he has a 15-year-old daughter, Alina. The second husband of Sedokova was businessman Maxim Chernyavsky, in a marriage with whom his daughter Monica was born - she turned 9 in July (the girl lives with her father in the USA). Anna is also raising a three-year-old son, Hector, whose father is businessman Artem Komarov - the singer broke up with him soon after giving birth.

It is interesting that tonight Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma will be guests of the "Evening Urgant" show, where, most likely, they will share all the details of the recent wedding celebration.

Janis Timma, Anna Sedokova and Ivan Urgant PHOTO Instagram / telegram channels


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