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We found out how Irina Shayk won Kanye West. Her appearance has nothing to do with it


We tell how Irina attracted Kanye and why he believes that their couple can succeed in show business.

We only found out about Irina Shayk and Kanye West's romance a couple of weeks ago, although the couple have been dating for several months. An insider from Shayk and West's inner circle shared the news with reporters.


According to him, it was Kanye who took the initiative.

“Their romance started with a simple conversation, then they went on a date, and that's how it all started,” says an insider. - Before traveling to France, where Kanye celebrated his birthday, they had been dating for a couple of months. Kanye loves that Irina is very calm, laid-back and easy-going. "

“Kanye is also impressed by the fact that Irina is a recognized and respected model in the fashion industry. He likes that she is influential and famous. He thinks they could be a chic couple in show business, ”added the insider.

Note that West is also an influential figure in the fashion world. He is the founder of the successful streetwear and footwear brand Yeezy. The brand's sneakers are sold out in a matter of minutes after the start of sales.


West and Kim Kardashian

According to an insider, Kim Kardashian has approved Kanye's new romance. They broke up at the end of last year and are still formally married. It is reported that Kim even managed to meet with Irina several times.

“She knew that Kanye and Irina were dating, because they had been secretly seeing each other for several months. Kim does not mind, because she saw how Irina behaved after breaking up with Bradley Cooper. She did not give interviews, as many stars do. And Kim would not want Kanye to contact someone who likes to communicate with the press, "- said the insider. Kanye West - Power

It is known that West liked Shayk for a long time. In 2010, the model starred in his Power video. In addition, Irina has repeatedly participated in fashion shows of the Yeezy brand. Prior to this, the model dated Bradley Cooper, with whom the relationship ended in the summer of 2019. Shayk is raising his four-year-old daughter Leia with him.


Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper 

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