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Vittoria Ceretti ridiculed Lily-Rose Depp for her reasoning about how hard it is for children of celebs to break through


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Italian model Vittoria Ceretti responded to an interview that Lily-Rose Depp gave to Elle. In an interview with Lily-Rose, Depp talks about nepotism (nepotism, blat - when privileges are granted to children and relatives of famous people, regardless of their professional qualities. - Approx. ed.). According to Lily-Rose, it is often said about her that she owes her success to her parents, actor Johnny Depp and singer Vanessa Paradis. But the girl does not agree with this opinion: she said that the origin does not always lead to career success.

"People have preconceived notions about you or how you got there, but I can definitely say that nothing will get you a role other than the fact that you're the right fit for the role. Maybe a background will help open the door, but do not go inside.

Vittoria Ceretti, who started her modeling career at 14, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on nepotism. Vittoria noted Lily-Rose's words that she did a lot herself to advance her career, and doubted whether Lily-Rose would have lasted the first five years in her modeling career without having connections. According to her, it is not only about refusals. "I know you've had that experience and you can tell your little sad story about being rejected (even if after that you can go and cry on your father's couch in the Malibu villa)."


Vittoria Ceretti Vittoria Ceretti/GettyImages

Ceretti noted that kids with connections often take the place of those who are fighting for their careers on their own. You spend hours waiting for a fitting or casting only to see a child with connections pass you from the warm seat of his Mercedes with his driver / friend / assistant / agent who cares about his mental state, ”wrote the model . Vittoria Ceretti recalled her long and difficult path to success, which models go through without connections, and stated that people like Lily-Rose Depp do not have to fight for it. “You have no fucking idea how much you have to fight to get people to respect you,” she continued. “It takes years. And you get it all for free on the first day.”

"I have many friends who owe their success to nepotism and whom I respect, but I can't hear you comparing yourself to me. I wasn't born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I know it's not your fault, but please, appreciate it and remember what you owe your success to."

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