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Vincent Cassel pumped up his abs after his divorce from Tina Kunakey




Tina Kunakey's ex-husband enjoys single life

In the spring of 2023, after five years of marriage, 56-year-old actor Vincent Cassel divorced 26-year-old model Tina Kunakey. Even daughter Amazonie , born shortly after the wedding, did not help save the family.

Many expected Vincent and Tina to fall into depression, but they did not live up to the expectations of the pessimists. Kunakey is having a great time in Ibiza, and Cassel first plunged headlong into work, and then also decided to relax with friends.

In addition, the actor now has time to work on his fitness. In a short time, literally in one month, he turned into a fit man with powerful abs. Cassel clearly gained a couple of kilograms, but not fat, but muscle. What made him change so dramatically is anyone's guess. Perhaps he is preparing for a new role, but it is possible that he has a new lover, or he has decided to throw out all the energy not spent on quarrels and scandals in a more peaceful direction, that is, on exercise equipment and sports equipment.


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