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Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz, Leila George and Sean Penn: Celebrity couples with a huge age difference


She is 28, he is 60! Celebrity couples with a huge age difference. The heroes of our material have proven that the numbers in the passport are not a hindrance to love.

Elizaveta Arzamasova and Ilya Averbukh (22 years old)


The relationship of this couple became known a few months ago. The novel of the skater and the actress immediately caused a violent reaction from the public, because there is a 22-year age difference between them. Ilya met Lisa in 2015. Then the young actress played in the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" and participated in the project "Ice and Fire".

Two years later, Arzamasova got the main role in Averbukh's show "Winx on Ice", where she met her future husband. By that time, Ilya's marriage with Irina Lobacheva was bursting at the seams. And after the wife found out that her husband had an affair with a young actress, she filed for divorce.


After parting with his wife, Averbukh did not disclose the details of his personal life. On December 20 last year, Lisa and Ilya unexpectedly posted a video from the wedding ceremony on social networks. For the solemn moment, the actress chose a blue dress with bare shoulders, and the skater chose jeans, a white T-shirt and a jacket. Many celebrities congratulated the newlyweds in the comments: comedian Vadim Galygin, showman Timur Rodriguez, actress Daria Melnikova and many others. The son of Averbukh from his first marriage, Martin, did not stand aside. "Dad, happy for you and for us, happiness!" - he wrote on Instagram.

Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey (31 years old)


The actor's romance with a young model became known in 2015. According to Vincent, he did not know how old the girl was. “The day after they met, I found out the age (Tina was then 18 years old. - Ed.) And that her father was in a panic because she did not return home on time. I said, "Let's have lunch with your dad." Why did this idea come to my mind? I don't know, but it seemed good, ”he told Vanity Fair.


Apparently, Cassel made a good impression on the father of his chosen one, since the man did not interfere with his daughter's romance with the actor. In 2018, Vincent and Tina got married quietly in the city of Bidart in southwestern France. Eight months later, they became the parents of a baby named Amazoni. The couple regularly pleases fans with joint pictures on social networks, but the newly-made parents try to protect their daughter from prying eyes. 

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere (34)


In 2018, the actor got married for the third time. His chosen one was the Spanish socialite Alejandra Silva. This union came as a surprise to many, since the age difference between the newlyweds was 34 years. At the time of the wedding, Geer was 69 years old, and his bride was only 35. In one of her interviews Alejandra said that the age difference does not bother her at all. “I got such a ticket in this life, and I don't regret it. He promised me at least 20 great years together! And I must admit that he is much more energetic and more active than me. Sometimes it's even hard for me to keep up with him. He is like something more than a man! " - said the girl.

Richard is also crazy about his young wife. “I am the happiest man in the entire universe. Well, how could it be otherwise? I am married to a wonderful woman who is smart, sensual, helps others, kind, cheerful, patient, knows how to forgive, cooks well - and makes the best salads in the whole world! " - said the actor.

Paulina Andreeva and Fyodor Bondarchuk (21 years old)


For the first time Fyodor saw Paulina on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov.

According to him, the young actress stood out from other artists, it was interesting to watch her. After a while, communication began between the stars, which later grew into something more. After the couple first appeared on the red carpet of "Kinotavr", a storm of criticism fell upon Andreeva, but the lovers did not pay attention to the outrage of the public. Fedor was not at all embarrassed by the age difference, and next to Paulina he felt happy.

“So what if we have a difference of 20 years. I'm happy - that's all, I never thought about it. Paulina's appearance influenced my whole life. For the first time I began to live for myself, "- said the director in an interview.

In September 2019, Bondarchuk and Andreeva legalized their relationship.


The wedding ceremony took place in the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg, and the celebration took place in a mansion called the Beggrovs' house.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz (17 years old)


Top model met the musician in 2018. A year later, the lovers tied the knot. The couple's fans were embarrassed by the age difference of the newlyweds: Heidi was 45 years old, while Tom was only 28.

Klum herself says that she does not pay attention to the age difference: “In fact, I do not attach any importance to it. Each of us should try to live this life happily and not look back at the opinions of others. Excessive excitement will only increase the number of wrinkles on your face. " She also noted that she is calm to his age and is not at all afraid of aging.

“I really don't worry about getting older. Yes, it happens to me, but it happens to each of us. When I wake up in the morning, I do not first run to the mirror shouting "My God, my God," "said the model.

Leila George and Sean Penn (32 years old)


Leila and Sean started dating in 2016. In August 2020, they held a secret wedding ceremony. The happiness of the newlyweds was not prevented by either the pandemic or the 32-year age difference. By the way, Sean is the same age as his new mother-in-law - the Italian-Australian actress Greta Skacchi, and also only a year younger than Vincent D'Onofrio's father-in-law.

For Penn, this was his third marriage. Before that, he was married twice: his first wife is the singer Madonna, and the second is the actress Robin Wright, who gave him a son and daughter. Interestingly, the actor's children from a previous marriage are the same age as his current wife. Is a big age difference a hindrance to a happy marriage? 


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