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Victoria Lopyreva denied the affair with Alsou's husband


Victoria Lopyreva/Instagram

Victoria Lopyreva denied affair rumors with the husband of the singer Alsou, 45-year-old businessman Yan Abramov. Last week, this was reported by the telegram channel Antiglyanec, citing its sources.

“While everyone thought that similar photos of Alsou and Nastya Reshetova were not an accident, Yan Abramov became interested in the blond legend of Dubai. It starts with “V”, ends with Lopyrev,” they wrote in the telegram channel.

“I’m already used to reading various nonsense about myself, I usually don’t comment, but the latest“ yellow ”news leaves no chance to remain silent,” Victoria Lopyreva wrote on Instagram *. Victoria added that she "doesn't want to figure out who and why needed this stuffing" about her and Alsou.

“It seems that this is the first time that the model decided to comment on her personal life,” they wrote in the telegram channel “Only to anyone” . The channel also suggested that Lopyreva's spouse or admirer might not like this news.

40-year-old Victoria Lopyreva is now married to businessman Igor Bulatov, but there have been breakup rumors in the media for several years now. This year, the network also talked about Bulatov's new affair.

40-year-old singer Alsou did not directly comment on the rumors. However, after news of her husband's affair, she posted on Instagram a quote from Jane Austen. "There is a stubbornness in me that does not allow me to be afraid at the behest of someone else. At any attempt to intimidate me, my courage rises."

Rumors had previously appeared in the media about Abramov's romance with Timati's ex-lover Anastasia Reshetova: a witness even told reporters that he had seen them together. At the same time, netizens have repeatedly noted that Anastasia and Alsou are very similar in appearance. Reshetova denied these rumors.

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