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Victoria Bonya revealed the main secret of Irina Shayk



Fans of show business remember that at the dawn of her successful career, Irina Shayk met with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. The lovers spent a lot of time together, traveled, arranged joint photo shoots and appeared on the covers of fashion magazines. But after 5 years of relationship, the model and the athlete broke up. Even during their union, there were rumors on the Web that this romance was just a contract. Like, Irina needs to become famous, and loving Cristiano needs to create the image of a serious young man.

This story was recently recalled by Victoria Bonya. The TV presenter decided to reveal many secrets of the football world, including the star also mentioned the situation with Shayk and Ronaldo. Victoria claims that she personally knew the people responsible for the "romance" of the two celebrities. Supposedly in Europe it is very important that a famous man is in a serious relationship, and Irina turned out to be the ideal option for this. According to Bonya, both benefited from this union. Victoria also mentioned that after this news she personally met Shayk - however, they did not discuss Irina's affairs then. By the way, shortly after breaking up with Cristiano, the model began to meet with Bradley Cooper, the relationship with whom ended the year before last. ■



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