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Victoria Bonya became unrecognizable after plastic surgery


The blogger got fat injected into her forehead

Victoria Bonya, who changed her appearance, was no longer recognized. And all because of new plastic surgery. Now she hides her face behind large sunglasses. Meanwhile, people compare the blogger to Michael Jackson and beg her to return her old nose.


Photo: still frame from video, social networks

“ I’m starting to worry... What if suddenly people stop recognizing me? Guys, has my nose changed that much? I know it takes time, but when people don't recognize you, it's a little strange. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry ,” shared Victoria Bonya.

The blogger has changed beyond recognition not only because of her nose, but also her lips, which are now greatly increased in size. “ I still can’t feel half of my mouth. In order to remove wrinkles, granules were placed under my nose, so I can’t feel 80 percent of my upper lip. There are a lot of questions about the nose; they didn’t touch it at all, didn’t cut it, didn’t shorten it. Now he is like this because of the swelling, which is caused by the fact that fat was injected into the forehead area ,” complained the pupil of “ House-2 ”.


Photo: still frame from video, social networks

Bonya previously confirmed that she paid more than 20 million for plastic surgery. She had a brow lift and an eyelid lift with a ponytail effect. The woman decided to make changes because her eyes began to “sag.” “ At 30-35 I had a problem. The doctor said that the bone tissue surrounding the eyes will thin out as there is no support, so I need implants ,” Victoria confessed. As a result, the facial surgery took 14 hours. Main photo : Global Look Press


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