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Victoria Beckham called an "icon of anorexia"


Victoria Beckham

43-year-old Victoria Beckham intends to sue representatives of one of the cafes in the English Tyneside. It's all because of the advertising that the company recently appeared. On the minivan, against which the manager of the establishment was photographed, a rather strange poster was pasted: a caricature of a thin and unsightly girl with the caption "Victoria Beckham" and "anorexia icon". All this is next to the pizza logo.


Our pizza is thinner than Victoria Beckham says the slogan.

Representatives of Victoria are outraged that the institution allowed itself such advertising. In their opinion, this is a direct insult to both Victoria herself and other thin girls. Beckham intends to sue for her good name, because she will not allow unambiguous jokes about herself and her own appearance. It's ruining Victoria's reputation, it's completely disrespectful says a celebrity spokesperson.

Victoria Beckham


The manager of the institution found something to answer the accusations from Victoria. He assures that their company did not plan to offend or offend anyone. We wanted to let people know that eating disorders are very serious, but we didn't want to focus too much on people suffering from this problem ... We would like our visitors to perceive this ad in context ... Anorexia and all what is connected with this is serious, - said the manager of Fish and Chips. Victoria Beckham But this advertisement was not liked not only by Victoria, but also by one of the public organizations, which is convinced that such a dismissive attitude is unacceptable on the part of a cafe-shop.


They run the risk of bringing everything to the point that people, on the contrary, will be offended. They might think they're being insulted instead of being lured into a delicious pizza - said one of the bloggers on the network. How this story will end is still unknown. Let's hope the case can be resolved before going to court. Victoria Beckham Note that Victoria has been repeatedly accused of excessive thinness and that she, by her example, promotes anorexia. Moreover, at one of the shows of her clothing collection, Beckham chose very, very thin girls as fashion models, which caused the anger of the designer's fans. But Victoria didn't care. People on social media are often violent. Too bad they act like this - the fashion designer said in an interview. Victoria Beckham Sources: The Telegraph ,



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