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Vera Brezhneva about the wedding and life with Konstantin Meladze


Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva rarely talks about her personal life, but she made an exception and became more outspoken with her fans. In a recent interview, she first spoke about why she had refused a lavish wedding and family life with Konstantin Meladze.

Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze for many years hid their romance. In 2015, they secretly married in Italy, not having a magnificent wedding. The ceremony was modest and quiet - the lovers simply got married, then celebrated the event in the restaurant. In an interview with Kate Osadchy, the artist admitted why she decided not to arrange a high-profile celebration. “I don’t have such a fad - I need to make a magnificent wedding. My wedding was exactly what I wanted. We work a lot at weddings, and this is enough to feel this scope. And then you think: “Maybe for yourself? Well no!" But I want to get to the wedding as a guest, ”said the singer.

Vera also talked about family life. It turns out that Konstantin is not shy about criticizing his spouse and can be very demanding, even bring to tears. “He can bring me to tears if I do something wrong" - said the singer.

Recall that with the spouses lives the youngest daughter of Brezhneva, 10-year-old Sarah. The singer also has an older daughter - 19-year-old Sonya. But Konstantin Meladze has three children from his first marriage: daughters Leah and Alice, as well as son Valery. The performer also teaches her husband and daughters how to eat and lead a healthy lifestyle.

By the way, last year, the happiness of the family life of Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze was overshadowed by rumors about the affair of the producer with a member of the VIA Gra band Erica Herceg. So, when one of the followers hinted that a crack had occurred in the family, the star quickly put the offender in her place:

“Vera herself said that she and her husband rarely see each other. Guest marriage usually ends with this, ”the user wrote. “Guest marriage?” What kind of guests are in your head? ” - stressed the artist. Fortunately, all the rumors were just speculation.

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