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Valentina Ivanova sparked engagement rumors with Timati


The model appeared in public with a ring on her ring finger. The rapper, together with Yegor Creed and Anton Pinsky, opened a new restaurant in the center of Moscow. The owner of the establishment was accompanied to the presentation by his beloved girl, who willingly posed for photographers, not hiding the diamond jewelry on her hand. The jewelry is now being actively discussed by fans on the Web.

Timati's relationship with 20-year-old Valentina Ivanova was discussed last winter. On social networks, the model posted joint photos with the rapper, but did not confirm the romance. Even more rumors appeared after their appearance at the celebration of the anniversary of Philip Kirkorov . On the same evening, the artist's companion was noticed having a nice conversation with Simona Yunusova , which only confirmed the guesses of the fans.

Timati himself refuses to comment on his personal life, but he no longer hides that he is really in love with Valentina. Together they go on vacation, go out and publish romantic photos. Ivanova is also already close to the rapper's children, especially Alice . A close relationship developed between them, judging by the videos that appear on the Web, where Yunusov's daughter reacts rather enthusiastically to her father's new girlfriend.


Timati and Valentina Ivanova

So, despite the fact that many Timati fans do not believe in his love with Valentina, he himself, apparently, is serious. At the opening of a new rapper's restaurant in Moscow, which was also owned by Yegor Creed and Anton Pinsky , the model literally did not leave her boyfriend. But most of all, the attention of the fans was attracted by the photographs in which Ivanova showed a diamond ring on her ring finger, which is too reminiscent of an engagement ring.

On the Web, after the publication of pictures from the star event, heated discussions began about a possible change in Timati's status. However, not everyone believes that the rapper still decided on the proposal. Not a single girl has yet managed to force him to take this step, and fans do not think that it was the 20-year-old model who was able to win the heart of an enviable bachelor. Moreover, the artist gave a diamond ring to Anastasia Reshetova , but the matter never came to a wedding.


Valentina Ivanova showed the ring on her ring finger

Note that Valentina became almost the only girl who found an approach to the rapper's mother. Simone does not hide the fact that they managed to get along pretty quickly, and now she describes their relationship as "excellent." At the same time, she does not yet call the model her daughter-in-law. Recently, fans asked Simone what kind of wife her son should have , and she replied: "Sincere, loving and honest." Simone also clarified that she tries not to interfere in her son's personal life, and he decides for himself who he should be with. Although many fans of the couple Timati and Anastasia Reshetova disagree with this statement, they believe that it was the artist’s mother who played a decisive role in breaking off these relations.

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