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Unpleasant parting: Kaprizov vilely left Stesha Malikova


Stefania vowed not to date guys.

Stefania Malikova arranged a bachelorette party on the occasion of her 22nd birthday. There was not a single man at the celebration, except for the beloved father of the birthday girl Dmitry Malikov. As it turned out, the singer's daughter recently experienced a painful breakup and is now not ready to communicate with any of the representatives of the stronger sex.

According to media reports, promising hockey player Kirill Kaprizov left Malikova shortly before his birthday. If you believe the rumors, then the athlete behaved ugly when parting. Stefania heals her wounds after what happened, but has not yet recovered.

“The decision to invite (for a birthday. - Approx. ed.) only girls Stesha made because she had recently experienced an unpleasant breakup with a young man. The pain subsided, but did not disappear. She even said: “No more guys!” says EG.


Kirill Kaprizov Photo: @kirillkaprizov/instagram*

By the way, Malikova never had time to go out in the status of Kaprizov's beloved. Moreover, she was very cautious in answering questions about her personal life.

Apparently, Stephania intuitively understood that the athlete was unlikely to call her in marriage. Before that, Malikova met with the son of the oligarch Vladimir Gruzdev, Leonid. The affair lasted two years.

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