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TV presenter Victoria Bonya supported the flash mob to cut Chanel bags


The flashmob of Muscovites to cut Chanel branded bags was supported by Russian TV presenter, model and blogger Victoria Bonya. She published a video confirmation in her Telegram channel.

In protest against discrimination against Russians, Bonya cut an expensive accessory with scissors.

“If the house of Chanel does not respect its customers, why should we respect the house of Chanel?” she says first in Russian, then in English. The woman urged Russian women not to be silent in conditions where they are laughed at and openly shown disrespect.

Bonya's followers supported her, noting that the TV presenter did the right thing by cutting the French brand's bag. “There are a lot of Russian needlewomen who are even cooler than Chanel”, “Thank you for your support”, “Good job,” users commented.

Earlier, the actress and PR agent from Moscow Marina Ermoshkina and the popular DJ Katya Guseva launched a challenge to cut the bags of the fashion house. In a conversation with Moslenta, they spoke about the meaning of the action, and also recalled the rich history of the brand's cooperation with Russia.


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