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With only an overcoat, the actress Ana Girardot weaves an enchanting stylistic story

“I LOVE the power of clothes,” she says. “It’s fascinating how much a person’s clothes say about their attitude and personality.” Paradoxically, in our photo Ana Girar- dot appears nearly nude, with nothing on her skin but a sheepskin coat.

As an actress, Ana pays minute attention to each item in a character’s wardrobe. As a woman, she dresses according to her mood: “I love getting dressed—and having fun with it. Every day a new inspiration leads to a new outfit.” Today a bomber jacket with leggings and sneakers, yesterday jeans and a trench coat, tomor- row perhaps a dress… This purposeful unpredictability is right in step with the bohemian nonchalance of the shearling coat, whose 1970s connotations represent a major trend for winter 2017.

A host of images come to mind, and not only in black and white. But the spirit is clear: it’s about evoking the graceful insouciance of the sixties and seventies—ele- gant without a trace of bling. The coat in question is the fruit of a collaboration between Ana and the Pablo label, taking, at her insistence, the role of muse and model into creative territory. A true woman of today, she envisioned a wardrobe of an artist (“A painter—why not?”): plush overalls, an outsized shirt, a cape… “The elements for composing a look, through which she can express herself and explore her creativity.” And that, in a word, is chic.

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