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Top 5 Facts about singer SHAMAN Only Fans Know About


Recently, SHAMAN, aka Yaroslav Dronov, is the "highlight" of many events and state concerts. The artist is a frequent guest for various kinds of interviews. His name flashes in the headlines of various media. And it would seem that everyone already knows everything about this bright performer. However, there are facts that not everyone knows about. 

1. The musician does not like being called Yarik


Yaroslav Dronov doesn't like being addressed by Yarik! In one of his interviews on the MuzLoft show, the musician said that he does not like diminutive names. If you refer to him briefly, then you can simply Yar.

2. Yaroslav acted in films


As an actor SHAMAN can be seen in the 3rd series of the Russian TV series "Companions", which was released in 2016. There, the musician played himself: a successful young singer, who is literally “hunted” by fans all over the country. The footage includes photos and videos of Yaroslav's musical past. In the same year, 2016, another film “Voices of a Big Country” was released with the participants of the Voice project. True, Yaroslav has a rather episodic role there. But for the sake of your favorite musician, it's worth a look. Shot from the film "Voices of a Big Country" with the participation of Yaroslav Dronov

3. He does not sunbathe or swim in the sea


In one of his interviews, Yaroslav admitted that he swam in the sea almost 15 years ago. The fact is, sea water, when it enters the nose and ears, clogs the sinuses and interferes with the musicians in the further performance of songs. Yaroslav is also contraindicated in tanning. And all because the light skin of the artist is very susceptible to sunlight. This explains the fact that even in the summer, the singer wears clothes, mostly black, completely covering his arms and legs.

4. Yaroslav does not celebrate his birthday


Shaman has repeatedly stated in his interviews that he cannot rejoice on purpose. His birthday is a normal working day. Of course, he is pleased to receive congratulations from relatives and friends, but if it happens that someone forgets to congratulate, Yaroslav is not particularly upset, because he does not like to focus too much attention on this day.

5. The singer is indifferent to alcohol


For almost 3 years, as an artist, he does not drink alcohol. Dronov likes it when his brain "works clearly, like a blade." This helps him focus on work. When friends come to visit, he can “sip” 50 grams of “good cognac” all evening.

Yaroslav Dronov \ Shaman

Did you know these facts about Shaman? Share your impressions in the comments. What other interesting facts about the singer do you know? 

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