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Tom Cruise started an affair with a girl who is 25 years younger than him - 15 photos of the beauty




Nobody expected such a turn!

61-year-old Tom Cruise may well top the list of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors who have been single the longest. Even Keanu Reeves still found his love, but Tom, after his divorce from Katie Holmes 15 years ago, did not date anyone else. He was recently rumored to be dating Shakira, but this turned out to be just a PR stunt. 

But it seems that the actor’s period of loneliness is finally over. Cruise, according to insiders, “fell head over heels in love.” And not just anyone, but a socialite, the ex-wife of a disgraced Russian oligarch, Elsinra Khayrova.

The girl is 36 years old and she portrays herself as a rich IT-girl. Her photographs appear in the gossip column every now and then, either from an elite party in London, where she spends most of her time, or from private performances of stars, and Khairova’s social networks are full of photographs that literally breathe luxury.


Elsina Khairova, photo: social networks

Elsina’s name is also associated with several major scandals. For example, in 2018, the heiress Khayrov bought an apartment in central London for 877 million rubles - and this was at that time! And a few months later she purchased a mansion for 1.9 billion rubles in the south of Surrey. In response to numerous questions about where such funds came from, both the girl’s father and herself said that the husband financed the purchases (read also: Damned billions: the most mysterious deaths of Russian oligarchs). In the end, things didn’t go very smoothly with my husband either.

The divorce dragged on for a long time: they divided a fortune of approximately $60 million through the court. According to the Daily Mail, Khayrova was accused of hiding significant assets from her ex-husband, including... a collection of bags worth £1 million - that's more than a hundred million rubles. Elsina Khairova, photo: social networks How Elsina and Tom Cruise met, history is silent. But recently their first joint appearance took place.

According to British media, the couple appeared together at a party in Grosvenor Square "much to the surprise and excitement of other guests." Tom did not leave the girl all evening, constantly hugging her. And in the morning they went home together. “They were inseparable, clearly a couple,” one guest told the Daily Mail. “He seemed obsessed with her.”

He's definitely head over heels in love." How this novel will end is not yet very clear, but it will be interesting to watch its development. Cruise was lonely for a long time for a reason: he is, to put it mildly, a difficult person. The actor has a difficult character. In addition, he is an ardent supporter of Scientology. This is what destroyed his union with Nicole Kidman, and subsequently his marriage with Katie Holmes (read also: What the adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman looks like now).

This is what Elsina Khayrova looks like on social networks




Elsina Khayrova, photo: social networks

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