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Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel and other most beautiful international star couples

Model Tina Kunakey celebrates her 24th birthday today. The whole world is watching the dizzying romance of a mulatto from Sicily and French actor Vincent Cassel. We recall how the story of their international love and other celebrity couples developed

Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel


Sicilian beauty Tina Kunakey was born into an international family of Italian and Moroccan. Vincent Cassel is a hereditary actor from Paris. But the couple met on neutral territory, in the Spanish Ibiza. 18-year-old Tina was vacationing at a resort with her parents, and Vincent came on vacation between the filming of the films "This Awkward Moment" and "My King." The holiday romance continued with love letters, and soon Kunakey moved to Cassel in Rio de Janeiro. And a couple of years later, the couple played a wedding in Biarritz, France, where the model spent her childhood. In 2019, they became parents for the first time: a daughter, Amazon, was born to celebrities. 25 proofs that Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel have true love To read Sex symbol: everything you need to know about Tina Kunakey

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


American Cinderella Meghan Markle was born into an African American and Irish family. Prince Harry is known to be the blue-blooded heir to the British monarchy. The couple met on a blind date in London, where then the Force Majeure actress flew in on a working visit. Already at the second meeting, they realized that there is something more than fleeting sympathy between them. Well, what happened next, we all already know: a truly royal wedding , the birth of first child Archie , " Megzit " , move to the US, the second pregnancy and sensational revelations about the difficulties of life of the monarch. Meghan Markle's pedigree: who were the ancestors of the Duchess?

Salma Hayek and Henri Pinault


American actress of Mexican descent Salma Hayek and French businessman Henri Pinault still avoid talking about how they met. “It’s a very romantic story, but it’s my own. I don’t want to vulgarize it just for the sake of being interesting, ”Hayek once remarked. Nevertheless, some touching details of their romance are still known. Before you go down the aislein 2009 (at that time the couple already had a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Valentina), Pino asked his beloved's hand three times and was refused twice. They signed at the Paris City Hall on February 14, Valentine's Day, and in April they held an informal ceremony in an 18th-century Venetian castle. In 2014, the international couple moved to London, where they enjoy solitude and, far from the scrutiny of the public, are raising now 13-year-old Valentina.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves


Matthew McConaughey, once one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, has Scottish, English, Irish, Swedish and German ancestry, although he was born and raised in Texas. His wife, Camila Alves, was born in Brazil and moved to the United States in 2001 to pursue a modeling career. The couple met in a Los Angeles restaurant in 2007. On that day, Camila celebrated her birthday, she literally bewitched Matthew, who was having dinner at the next table. A year and a half later, they already became the parents of a son, Levi, two years later, baby Vida appeared. On Christmas Eve 2011, McConaughey finally proposed to his beloved. In June 2012, they played a wedding at the actor's mansion in Austin, Texas, and six months later, the couple became the parents of Livingston's son for the third time. Now the international couple settled in Hawaii.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra


Texas-born American singer Nick Jonas and Indian model Priyanka Chopra met on an Oscar night in 2017. Nick spotted Priyanka as she tried to force her way through the crowd to the bar. “I pushed the drink aside, got down on one knee and asked:“ Where have you been all my life? ”- the musician recalled. For the second time, Jonas dropped to one knee in front of Chopra a year later, on her 36th birthday. “You will make me the happiest person if you agree to marry me,” said the singer. The astonished Priyanka was silent for 45 seconds (Jonas spotted). Unable to bear it, the young man hurried his beloved: "If you have no objection, I will put a ring on your finger." There were no objections, and in December the couple arranged a luxurious celebration at the Indian palace Umaid Bhavan. Weddingtook place in two stages: on the first day Jonas and Chopra got married according to Christian traditions, and two days later they exchanged vows again according to Hindu traditions. After the wedding, the newlyweds moved to London, but occasionally they return to Los Angeles for work matters.



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