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Tina Karol spoke about her second pregnancy - she wants her daughter to be raised by Dan Balan


Tina Karol shared her desire with several people at once that she wants to get pregnant again and that it, of course, was a girl

Tina Karol is the highest ranking star in Ukrainian show business, having been on stage for several decades. The performer gave a lot of concerts, interviews, participated in a large number of various television shows and more (including trips to the radio). We all know that her life was a real family idyll for about five years, while she was married to Eugene Ogir, who later died .

From him, Tina had a son, Benjamin, but she often resorted to declaring her desire for a second pregnancy. This time, the post did not appear on her page on the social network Instagram, where more than 1.8 million people follow her life. Fans also do not sleep, so they posted a selection with Karol, which talks about the desire for a second child.

"I want to become a mother again," Tina Karol once said.


Somehow she even admitted that she would like the pregnancy to happen unplanned. And she always clarified that she already has a son, so it remains to give birth to a daughter. She misses the baby so much. At the same time, with her participation in the Voice of the Country, she was not opposed to warming up the thoughts of the fans about the affair with Dan Balan. She stated that he would feed her small children.


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