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Timati: What happened to him and why The fans do not recognize the singer


Timati surprised with an aged look. Rapper Timati shared a touching video with followers. In the footage, he, in the company of his son Ratmir, enjoys the sunset, while the singer holds the heir in his arms. This video was the subject of discussion, as many noticed that the rapper looks a little older.

Fans discuss a screenshot from this video, putting forward their own versions of why the artist looks so swollen.

“Visual aid: you can’t drink in the heat!”, “Is it really Timati? Yes, it's Ricky Martin himself !”, “He's just getting old. This is normal”, “Did you get injected with fillers?”, “Yes, he has swelling from alcohol”, “Bees? Drinks?”, “Is he already 55?” - they write in the comments of the instagram-public. Recall that now Timur Yunusov is resting in Colombia with his children, where he surfs and relaxes on the beach. In some pictures, rapper Dzhigan is present next to him.


Photo source: Legion-Media



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