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Timati’s mother explained why he still hasn’t married


Simona Yunusova told how she affects her son's life. She assured that she gave him absolute freedom of choice. The performer of the hit "Keys to Paradise" has not yet been married. At the same time, Timati (Timur Yunusov) is raising two children. Model Alena Shishkova gave birth to daughter Alice. The girl was born in 2014. Shortly thereafter, Timur began dating Anastasia Reshetova. In these relations, the son of the artist, Ratmir, was born.

Fans of the star couple were waiting for the wedding, but it did not happen. The rapper's fans suggest that Yunusov's mother prevented this. They considered that the communication of Simone and Anastasia did not work out. “First Vice-Miss Russia-2014” did not want to give Ratik to her grandmother for full upbringing, and she, in turn, influenced her son, users say. However, Simone assured that Timati would not marry not on her whim.


Alena Shishkova gave birth to daughter Alice 

“It’s his life and it’s not for me to decide. He probably has his own reasons, ”said the blogger.

With Alice she developed a special bond. Yunusova accompanies the girl at events, rejoices at her success and helps Alena. Simona rejected the idea that she communicates well with Shishkova only because of her granddaughter. “Relationships depend on people,” the rapper’s mother said.


Anastasia stated in an interview that Alice does not live with her mother at all. According to her, the schoolgirl spends all her time at Simona's house. Yunusova denied this. “Alice does not live with me, but I see her every day,” the blogger explained.

Despite this, the followers repeated the question of Alice's place of residence again. Then Simona mentioned Reshetova directly. “ Ask Nastya ,” Yunusova replied. Speaking about Alice, she also admitted that she chooses clothes for her. Simonea offers her granddaughter options for her wardrobe, and she agrees.

She also discourages women from calling adult sons, as it is intrusive. Simona does not control both Timur and his brother Artyom. “I rarely call my own, and then if there are any questions ,” said the artist’s parent. Yunusova also described the daughter-in-law whom she would like to see next to her son. Timati's mother wants an open companion for him. “Sincere, loving, honest,” Simona added. 

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