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Timati explained why he chose Katerina Safarova: "Katya is real"


Timati explained why he chose Katerina Safarova in the final of the show "The Bachelor": "Katya is real"

The eighth season of "The Bachelor" ended last weekend. A few days later, 37-year-old Timati, who chose the winner among the participants in the show, told how he was touched by 22-year-old Katerina Safarova . It was she who conquered the rapper and received from him a diamond ring for 300 thousand dollars as a gift.


Katerina Safarova and Timati Katerina Safarova and Timati

Timati dedicated a big post to her on Instagram, where he wrote what the girl was different from other participants and what her qualities were very important for him.

Katya is one hundred and one percent real. She says exactly what she thinks, does what she feels, and lives today, here and now. I have never allowed myself to make negative statements about someone: neither during the project, nor outside of it. And if she was upset by something (for example, by my behavior), then she would say it immediately. She was always upfront and honest. Without unnecessary fawning, but with a signature Spanish range of temperament. Easy, without the baggage of drama, not because there was no drama in her life, but because of the psychotype of a person who can digest and let go, live on, enjoying all the colors and possibilities of this life.

Many people write about the "European mentality", but, probably, you can move from a gloomy hard place, get tanned, change clothes, change your friends and your hair, but in life you can remain a gloomy and heavy person from this very place. For the absence of the above scenario in your life, thanks to your mother, having met whom, I immediately understood a lot for myself, - Timati scattered in compliments to his chosen one.


Katerina Safarova

He called Safarova cheerful, beautiful and very smart, noting that she had a strong inner core, and said that he was very lucky with her.

The main rival of Katerina Safarova was the 22-year-old model Alisa. Explaining why he made a choice not in her favor, Timati noted that he could not solve her rebus. Whether Timati's relationship with the winner of the show continued outside the set is unknown.

According to rumors, Safarova has experience of relations with public people - they say that she met with the famous Brazilian footballer Neymar. Yes, and in a television show, she participated not for the first time - she also appeared in the Spanish reality "The Island of Temptations".

Katerina lives abroad, works as a model and studies at the British University in the business department.


Katerina Safarova PHOTO Instagram 

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