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Till was just a cover: Loboda's real civil husband is a 50-year-old Armenian businessman


The singer, as you know, does not comment on the details of her personal life. It is likely that such a secret was caused by the initiative of her chosen one - a secretive businessman. 

It is worth noting that until recently, fans were absolutely convinced that the singer is in a relationship with vocalist Till Lindemann. In addition, it is generally accepted that the frontman of the legendary German group is the father of Svetlana's youngest daughter. The stars met in 2017, and since then, rumors about their relationship have only been confirmed several times. Joint photographs of appearances, eyewitness stories, the mysterious silence of the artists - all pointed to the romantic relationship of these two. 


However, according to the latest data, it can be concluded that the alliance with the German singer became only a cover to hide any information about the girl's real romance with the oligarch.

So, messages about the relationship of Svetlana Loboda with the Armenian billionaire Arthur Granz first appeared in the Ukrainian press in the spring. Then the mysterious oligarch celebrated his 50th birthday in Cyprus on a grand scale. It was reported that the most prominent stars of our show business, socialites, fashion bloggers and even some politicians arrived for the holiday. According to journalists, the alleged common-law spouse of the birthday man, singer Svetlana Loboda, was also present at the anniversary. This was confirmed by many publications in stories from the celebration of the famous artist's friends.

The celebration lasted all weekend in the open air in the concert hall of the luxurious Anassa Hotel, where the cheapest room costs from 500 euros per night. The calmness of those present at the event was protected by dozens of guards who arrived on the island together with the star guests of the celebration. 


Arthur Grantz himself is a successful influential businessman, the owner of the Swiss company that wholesale trade in agricultural and petrochemical products Mimier Holding. He is also the owner of a Ukrainian publishing company that produces Forbes Ukraine magazine. There is also a chain of duty-free shops located in the Kiev airports "Borispol" and "Kiev".

In the past, the Armenian was known as a confidant of the ex-People's Deputy and Yatsenyuk's associate Andrey Ivanchuk.

Despite an interesting career and rumors surrounding him, Grantz prefers to stay out of the press. The 50-year-old businessman does not even comment on his work activities, what can we say about his personal life. It is only known that before Loboda, the billionaire was in a civil marriage with model Evelina Mambetova. 


However, rumors of a romantic relationship between the oligarch and the popular singer spread across the web. And the other day, the former tour manager of Loboda commented on the relationship between the artist and the billionaire.

“Yes, Loboda has a very rich man named Arthur. I don't know if Sveta can be called his wife. At least she flies on his private jet. But he is not Tilda's father. He was not yet there when Sveta gave birth to her, ”the manager told the Express Gazeta news publication. ... Svetlana Loboda hides any details of her relationship

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