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There will be no wedding - Sergey Lazarev about his personal life



Russian singer Sergei Lazarev, in a conversation with reporters, made a loud statement, which entailed a number of discussions among the audience. And the thing is that, touching on the topic of his personal life, the artist affirmatively emphasized that he does not even think about getting married.

Lazarev explained that each person has the right to independently choose his own path and his development in life, so now he is absolutely happy raising two children. Recall that the performer has an older son Nikita and a younger daughter Anya. The artist has repeatedly admitted that the upbringing of the heirs brings him great pleasure. It is known that a surrogate mother gave birth to the artist's children, but Sergey does not cover any details on this matter.

The singer prefers to protect his heirs from the attention of the press, so for a long time he even hid the birth of babies from everyone. Lazarev admitted that now the most difficult thing in fatherhood he finds is the ability to distribute his time so that attention is equally enough for both his son and daughter. ■



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