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“There is no place for you in my schedule and heart”: Olga Buzova sharply responded to Dmitry Tarasov on his proposal


It seems that the singer does not plan to forget what her ex-husband did to her ?

Just yesterday, football player Dmitry Tarasov said that he decided to make peace with Olga Buzova and even wrote her a message with a proposal for cooperation. Well, the answer of the star was not long in coming. On the social network, Olga once and for all explained to her ex-husband where his place is and what all his proposals are worth ? 


“I want to inform you that I do not need your projects. They are of no interest to me, like your life. <…> There is no place for you in my schedule, in my heart and in my soul. I ask you to stop using my name as a publicity stunt for your projects."

Olga Buzova's Fans immediately supported Olga and praised Dmitry Tarasov for such a clear answer. In her publication, the singer shared very unpleasant facts about her ex ? It turned out that he hacked into her phone to publish personal photos and videos that could discredit her. In addition, the man took away the donated car from her, took the house and put her out of the common apartment at the moment when the girl could not walk due to a complex operation ? Olga Buzova ended her “appeal to her ex-husband” with lines from a poem by Joseph Brodsky, which were very out of place. We can only praise the artist and advise her to follow her example. Here's how to deal with exes who don't deserve a second chance and a good relationship ?

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