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The young wife of Konstantin Ernst got made fun of: "Wooden actress"



Netizens refuse to watch films with Sophia.

The Kept Women series, which tells about the glamorous life of wealthy men and beautiful women, was warmly received by the audience. In numerous reviews, the name of Sophia Ernst was most often mentioned . The audience noted her poor acting and lack of facial expressions.

Internet users are sure that the actress manages to get into major projects thanks to the patronage of an influential husband. Recall that the former employee of the fashion house Ulyana Sergeenko met with Konstantin Ernst since 2014. Now the actress and the CEO of Channel One are officially married.

Followers do not skimp on impartial epithets when it comes to the abilities of the wife of a media mogul. Mrs. Ernst is called "wooden, untalented, dull and boring."


“Her monotonous intonation discourages all desire to watch”, - commentators write.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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