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The young beloved of Grigory Leps who is 34 younger than him: who is she?


The girl is 34 years younger than the artist.

In the " Gossip Chronicle " program on Channel Five, the name of Grigory Leps' new lover was revealed. According to media reports, 26-year-old journalist Elizaveta Riedel became his chosen one.

Leps and Riedel met in Dubai, at one of the singer's corporate parties. After that, they regularly appeared on each other's social media accounts.

Little is known about the girl's life in the press. Elizabeth was born in Vladivostok. Now she works as a TV presenter and prefers a luxury life.

Many are sure that Leps pays for everything for her.

The artist himself admitted that he was ready to marry his beloved. Nevertheless, relatives of Leps are convinced that there are many such girls in the life of the singer.

Recall that in 2021, Grigory Leps divorced his now ex-wife Anna Shaplykova, with whom he was almost 20 years old. The couple has three children: Eva, Nicole and Ivan. Recently, the musician commented on the relationship with a new lover.

Grigory Leps is considered one of the highest paid singers on the Russian stage.

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