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The winner of Eurovision 2009 Alexander Rybak spoke about the 11-year struggle with the dependence on antidepressants


The network is discussing the recognition of the 34-year-old Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak about mental problems and long-term drug dependence. On Facebook, the artist, who won the Eurovision 2009 music competition in Moscow, wrote that he had kept a secret about himself for a long time - an 11-year-old dependence on sleeping pills and antidepressants.

At first, everything was fine, but in the end my life almost collapsed. In January of this year, I began to undergo a rehabilitation course. With the help of doctors, I am gradually getting in order. In recent years, pills have made me weak, scared, angry. They affected not only the brain, but also the muscles, stomach and general condition of the body. This addiction ruined my relationships with people, but most importantly, it almost destroyed my will to live. I know that there are many people who struggle with this, so over the next weeks I will share my experience. I will be glad if he helps someone, - Alexander wrote in the social network.

Александр Рыбак

Alexander Rybak

In the comments on his post, many people published words of support. Soon, the artist thanked them and announced the release of his two new songs, work on which, according to Rybak, was part of his therapy. Give Me Rain is about getting rid of a mental disorder. “My Whole World is about healing a broken heart,” he explained. 

Александр Рыбак


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