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The wedding of the oligarch Hadji Sabancı: the dress of the bride became the topic of the day


The well-known Turkish oligarch Hadji Sabanci has always attracted a lot of attention from politicians and the press. Hadji is not only the heir to his grandfather's empire, but also a bright, talented, erudite man. Recently, the oligarch married actress Nazli Kaya. Young people have been together for 3 years, and almost every day Nazli hears criticism on the Internet: some believe that the actress is “not a match” for the oligarch.

After Haji posted photos from the wedding ceremony on social networks, Nazli was again criticized: the wedding dress became the subject of discussion. Many Sabanci's followers did not appreciate the style, considering it primitive.

On the topic of Nazli's dress, real disputes broke out on the network: subscribers were divided into two camps and argued furiously.

Recall that Sabanci's wedding was planned in September, but the ceremony had to be postponed due to the death of a relative of the bride. After observing I 40 days of mourning, the couple got married.

Haci Sabanci is one of the grandsons of Sakyp Sabanci, a Turkish businessman, billionaire, writer and philanthropist, founder of Sabancı Holding, Turkey's largest private financial and industrial conglomerate.


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